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  • Internships | Windows Health Clinic

    Internships The Paid Internship Program at Windows Health Clinic is a post-master's program for AMFT, ASW, and APCC associates. We are also open to current graduate students who meet the criteria below. We are proud to provide a training environment that is warm, supportive, and encouraging of new therapists learning, growing, and cultivating their skills. Apply Applicants must have at least one year of previous supervised counseling experience. Associates are expected to build up and maintain a healthy weekly client caseload, in addition to maintaining treatment plans and clinical notes. ​ If you are interested, please drop a note (include your resume, preferably) to our Clinical Director Dr. Lacey Palmer, Clinical Supervisor, at . Training + Supervision The internship includes weekly 2-hour group and 1-hour individual supervision in accordance with BBS requirements and bi-weekly 1-hour trainings. Trainings cover various aspects of psychotherapy, including attachment science, EFT couples therapy, Internal Family Systems, mindfulness, trauma work, ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, self-of-therapist, foundations of counseling , and practice management .

  • Individual Psychotherapy | Windows Health Clinic

    Groups Windows Health Clinic hosts dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) skill-building group sessions Tuesdays at 10:30 am for adults (18 years old and older). Windows Health Clinic is currently scheduling an in-person DBT skills-acquisition workshop for teens aged 14-17, to begin in June (day/time to be influenced by enrollees). DBT Skill-Building Group for Adults DBT Skill-Building Group for Teenagers DBT is a type of cognitive behavioral therapy that builds and employs four major skills: mindfulness, distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness, and emotional regulation. By leveraging these skills, one can interrupt negative thinking patterns and build self-acceptance, a sense of safety, and emotional control. DBT has been proven useful for a wide range of mental health conditions, including self-destructive behaviors. Learn more about dialectical behavior therapy at WebMD ( The groups meet in-person at the Windows Health Clinic, 7 Page Street, Suite B, Cotati, CA 94931.

  • Couples Therapy | Windows Health Clinic

    2. Couples Therapy Find your way back to empathy, vulnerability, safety, and connection. Do you find yourself stuck in a painful cycle of arguing with your partner about the same things with no resolution over and over? Do you wish things could just go back to how they used to be in the beginning? Do you wish your partner would understand that you just want to feel like a priority to them? Like you matter? Like you can count on them? Or you long to feel that you are enough for them and acceptable just as you are? ​ ​ Are you struggling to recover from a partner’s infidelity? Are you frustrated by how long it’s taking your partner to trust you again after you’ve had an affair?​ Do you feel betrayed, abandoned, disappointed, or hurt by your partner but they just don’t seem to understand? ​ Do you feel lonely, unsupported, unappreciated, or unseen? Have you noticed that the passion and intimacy in your relationship isn't what it used to be but you don't know how to fix it? ​ We specialize in Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples (EFT), an empirically-validated, highly effective couples therapy. Our team of clinicians will guide you back from reactivity and conflict to safety, peace, and love. Distressed partners no longer see each other as their emotional safe haven. Our lover is supposed to be the one person we can count on who will always respond. Instead, unhappy partners feel emotionally deprived, rejected, even abandoned. In that light, couples' conflicts assume their true meaning: they are frightened protests against eroding connection and a demand for emotional reengagement. -Sue Johnson

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