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Windows Health Clinic hosts dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) skill-building group sessions Tuesdays at 10:30 am for adults (18 years old and older).

Windows Health Clinic is currently scheduling an in-person DBT skills-acquisition workshop for teens aged 14-17, to begin in June (day/time to be influenced by enrollees).

DBT Skill-Building Group for Adults

DBT Skill-Building Group for Teenagers

DBT is a type of cognitive behavioral therapy that builds and employs four major skills: mindfulness, distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness, and emotional regulation.  By leveraging these skills, one can interrupt negative thinking patterns and build self-acceptance, a sense of safety, and emotional control.  DBT has been proven useful for a wide range of mental health conditions, including self-destructive behaviors.  Learn more about dialectical behavior therapy at WebMD (

The groups meet in-person at the Windows Health Clinic, 7 Page Street, Suite B, Cotati, CA 94931.

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