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Pricing for Services

Individual Therapy

Standard pricing for individual psychotherapy is $200 per session (nominally 1 hour).

Ketamine-Assisted Therapy

Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP) generally involves a therapist and an administering doctor.  Standard pricing is $700 per session, with package pricing and other adjustmentes available.  If ketamine administration is isolated from guidance & integration therapy, pricing is $500 for ketamine alone, and standard rates apply for the therapy.

Couples Therapy

Standard pricing for couples therapy is $200 per session

(nominally 1 hour).

IV Infusions

The base cost IV infusion therapy is $160, to which vitamins, electrolytes, and medications are added, starting at $100 for the first add-on.

Group Sessions

Standard pricing for group therapy is $90 per session

(nominally 1 hour).


Standard coaching services begin at $200 per hour of in-person and/or offline work.

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