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Individual Psychotherapy

As attachment-based therapists, we believe that a felt sense of secure connection with others is of primary importance. Our individual therapy will offer you a corrective emotional experience in which you will get to feel securely bonded and emotionally safe. 


Our therapists focus on the present process unfolding in each session, attuning to you with empathy and responsiveness. We will help you to see your strengths, make sense of your emotional life, and feel heard and validated, so that you can develop a more positive, coherent, and meaningful narrative about yourself and your life. 


Everybody’s behavior makes sense when we take the time to understand the good, adaptive reasons we developed those behaviors in the first place. We are wired for emotional connection and even our most seemingly destructive or negative behaviors are an attempt to feel loved, safe, connected, and like we belong. 


Our therapists will help you to identify and understand your stuck patterns, ways of processing, and habits of interacting so that you can have more choice in how you relate to yourself and others and more empathy for your own fears, longings, and vulnerabilities. Our goal when you complete therapy is that you will feel more balanced emotionally, more mentally open, more flexible in how you respond to the challenges of life, and more deeply engaged and available to learn and grow. 

Psychotherapy aims to equip us with tools for the difficulties of life.  Anxiety, depression, stress, addiction, identity issues, and evidence of abuse may place demands on our ability to cope, and a trained professional is here to help.
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